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Find out if vision correction surgery is right for you with a complimentary LASIK, ICL and cataract educational screening.


Our eyes work similar to a traditional camera. Light travels into the eye and is focused by our lens on the retina. Read more>


We treat our patients the same as we treat family. Our patients’ comfort and care are ensured by our years of experience and expertise.

Patient Testimonials

An amazing experience  without pain or discomfort. the doctor and staff are professionals with outstanding people skills. my eye vision improved minutes after the lasik procedure. thank you for a clear world.

Rebecca S.

Everything was great. I will tell all of my friends and family.

Ted K.

Professional and friendly experience from start to finish.

Thomas K.

The experience of getting lasik at Southern Eye Associates was fantastic! A day later I have 20/20 vision and my procedure was quick and easy, the staff did a great job keeping me informed and keeping me comfortable the whole time! Thanks Southern Eye Associates.

Stojanka B.

The experience here at Southern Eye Associates was amazing. The staff was very friendly. 24 hours immediate results. I would recommend these services to anyone who has even considered them.

Ernest S.

Southern Eye Associates staff was awesome! I had a very personalized experience with everyone I encountered. The surgery was absolutely painless, and my nerves were eased because I knew I was in great hands.

Brilina M.

The staff was wonderful. They walked me thru each step and that was helpful because I was a little scared at first. It felt so good to wake up and see everything around me without glasses on.

Kimberly V.

Southern Eye Associates is truly a very professional establishment. The staff was outstanding and I would recommend it to my family and friends.

James S.

Staff was great! Always made sure I was comfortable and asked if I had any questions about procedures. Will recommend to family and friends.

Mark H.

The staff is great people, my experience here was amazing. I received lasik and it is a blessing to be able to see after being near sighted for so long. The feeling is overwhelming. Thanks Southern Eye Associates staff for an amazing experience.

Xavier C.